Hajoori IntroductionThe brand name – SOSYO – was derived from the Latin word ‘Socious’ which is related to society. From ‘Socio’ it gradually evolved in to SOSYO, a distinctive thirst quencher with a unique taste that defies definition and has been relished over generations.

The brand has been given a new, contemporary look ever since it’s repositioning as a specialty drink in January ’2010 with the catchy base line ApnaDeshApna Drink. Besides ‘SOSYO’ – Hajoori’s has other brands like, ‘Kashmira Jeera Masala Soda, Lemee – Lemon, Orange flavor, ‘Ginlim Soda’-a gingerly lemon flavour and ‘Hajoori’s plain Soda’. The various packing includes 200ml, 300ml. in glass bottles and 250 ml. PET, 250 ml. CAN, 350 ml, 500 ml. and 1.5 Ltr. in PET take away and special packaging in 300 ml. glass bottles for take away as exports.

Hajoori and Sons has over 100 flavours.

History + Setup

Hajoori HistoryHajoori and Sons has a fully automated state- of-the-art plant in Surat, Gujarat.

To cater to its demands in every district, cities, town and villages the company has setup plants in Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, another in Rajkot to cater to Surendra nagar, Kachchh Ahmendabad, Rajkot, and Porbandar. To cater to the demands in the U.S market the company has setup contract filling in 2 major places in the U.S The Foundation was laid when a young boy in his teens – Abbas Abdul rahim Hajoori- began his career selling aerated drinks made by various British Bottlers. Young Hajoori had the tremendous vision to prove the competence of Indian brands VIS-a-VIS foreign brands. It was this vision that laid the foundation of a new era in the Indian soft drink industry in the form of Hajoori& Sons which later came out with one of the phenomenal brands in India- SOSYO.

1923 saw the foundation of Hajoori& Sons in Surat, Gujarat; but fate did not deem to let the founder enjoy the success. The reins were taken over by Mr. Mohsin Abdul rahim Hajoori, after the untimely demise of his elder brother. He did not have to look back since then. With the renewed vigour of the next generation, the business reached new heights in the 70’s and 80’s. Today SOSYO has become a formidable brand and is all set grow further.

With A stronger base of over 95,000 retailer outlet, Seven franchises and over 250 distributor’s network, Sosyo is now looking for trade to share its vision. Sosyo Now has a vision to grow as a National Brand through Franchising Network all over India. With its strong Exporters, exporting to the US, UK, CANADA, AFRICA, NEWZEALAND, AUSTRAILIA, UAE and other places.

Our mission is to build over selves a full fledge beverages company having an exceptional hold on people’s taste. With is unique and exclusive flavour.

Since 1923

Hajoori Since 1923



Hajoori was Launched


First Franchise in Navsari, being India’s first Soft Drink Company to opt for Franchising.


“SOSYO” was named. Earlier it was spelt ‘Socio’.


First printed glass bottle was launched.


Franchise in Mumbai was established.


Franchise in Rajkot was established.


New factory at Sosyo Circle, Surat.


“Apna Desh Apna Drink” positioning statement was launched.


Head-office and Factory at Bhatpore-Ichchapore in Surat was established.


Sosyo & Kashmira cans were launched.


Full Sleeves Bottles were launched.


250ml packaging Pet Bottles were launched.


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