Sosyo Cult

Sosyo Cult

“Sosyo cult” it’s an umbrella under which you can enjoye wide range of flavors which will boost you senses.We will be offeing the punch of energy with Organic juices very soon.

“Kiosk” means a small open-fronted hut located near significant foot traffic in
shopping mall or market from which refreshments are sold.

we would like to introduce the wide range of flavors belonging to the hajoori and sons group which includes Sosyo, Kashmira, Lemee, Ginlim, Opener, Runner, Hajoori’s soda and s’eau in different packing and different flavors.

we have a range of more than 100 flavors which we would be introduces in SosyoCult With tha passage of time


Celebrating more then 90 year in the beverage industry.

The brand name – Sosyo – was derived from the latin word ‘Socious’
which is related to society.From ‘Socio’ it gradually evolved in to SOSYO,a
distinctive thirst quencher with a unique taste that defies definition and has been relished over generations.

The brand has been given a few, contemporay look ever since it’s rensesrepositioning as a specialty drink in january 2010 with the catchy base line Apna Desh Apna Drink.BEsides ‘SOSYO’- Hajoori’s has other brands
like, ‘Kashmira jeera Masala Soda, Lemee-Lemon, ORange flavor, ‘Ginlim
Soda’s gingerly lemon flavor and ‘Hajoori’s plain Soda’. The various packing includes 200ml, 300ml. in glass bottles and 250ml. PET, 250ml. CAN, 350ml, 500ml and 1.5Ltr in PET take away and special packaging in 300ml.Glass bottles for take away as exports.

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