The Sosyo Cult

A cult isn’t just about following, but a loyalty so deep and a commitment so strong that the ‘cult followers’ stand by their choice, come rain, come shine. A word generally associated with religious following, cult found its pride of place amid the rock music fans and eventually in the movies. In similar vein, a cold drink with a following of its own, Sosyo has been synonymous with the word cult, which means that is immensely popular among a particular section of people.

Taking a cue from ‘cult’, we at Sosyo Hajoori Beverages Pvt. Ltd. have come up with the concept for The Sosyo Cult. It is a speciality beverage retail outlet, where we bring our products closer to our customers in the form of PET bottles, mocktails and so on. The Sosyo Cult is an umbrella under which our customers can enjoy wide range of flavours, which will boost their senses.

Sosyo Cult

Sosyo Cult13

Black current

Sosyo Cult 12


Sosyo Cult 11

Sosyo Cult 10

Sosyo Cult 10


Sosyo Cult 7


Sosyo Cult 8



Celebrating more than 90 year in the beverage industry.The brand name – Sosyo – was derived from the latin word ‘Socious’
which is related to society.From ‘Socio’ it gradually evolved into SOSYO, a
distinctive thirst quencher with a unique taste that defies definition and has been relished over generations.
The brand has been given a few, contemporary look ever since it’s rinsed repositioning as a speciality drink in January 2010 with the catchy bass line Apna Desh Apna Drink. Besides ‘SOSYO’- Hajoori’s has other brands
like, ‘Kashmira Jeera Masala Soda, Lemee-Lemon, ORange flavour, ‘Ginlim
Soda’s gingerly lemon flavour and ‘Hajoori’s plain Soda’. The various packing includes 200ml, 300ml. in glass bottles and 250ml. PET, 250ml. CAN, 350ml, 500ml and 1.5Ltr in PET take away and special packaging in 300ml.Glass bottles for taking away as exports.