Since 1923, we have grown to become the choicest fruit juice based drink brands in India. The success of our company is deeply rooted in our integrity, respect, trust and hard work. We believe in growing by developing win-win relationship and look forward to distribute our franchisee across the Indian and International market.

Hajoori family has a long tradition of superior quality and taste. With our in-depth understanding of the Indian taste of the audience, we have created variety of products targeting every kind of taste.

We are the largest fruit juice based drinks exporters in India as we develop different types of beverages and expertise in holding taste of our customers. Our company has 18 manufacturing units with franchisee network across India and earned the distinction of being ranked as one of the top 1000 brands in India.

Our products are the following:

1. Sosyo – Fruit juice based Sweet, citrus and sharp in taste to refresh your body & packs quite a punch

2. Kashmira Jeera Masala – A powerful and fruit juice based fizzy jeera drink, considered as a miracle drink for digestion after hefty dining.

3. Lemee Lemon – A powerful zing of lime which simply quenches your thirst with the tangy fruit juice based variants of lemon juice.

4. Lemee Orange – A tangy, delicious and rich in orange fruit juice based drink.

5. Ginlim – A blend of ginger and lemon, crisp and refreshing fruit juice based drink.

6. Runner – An ideal choice when you want to make yourself feel re-energized or meet the deadline.

7. Opener – With the goodness of real fruit juices and six types of tastes Ginger, Ginger Ale, Raspberry, Pineapple, Ice-cream drink and Nimbu.

8. Hajoori’s Soda – An ideal companion, strong, refreshing and sparking soda.

Hajoori has gained acceptance in international markets, across all the countries like USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and Australia.

If you also want to become part of our journey, please feel free to connect with our team. Our motive is to reach all geographies of the world with our fruit juice based drinks.