Gol Gappa, Dum Biryani, Paneer tikka – the list is endless when it comes to Indian cuisines. In our culture, food takes a centre stage on every occasion. Having good food and relishing it with family and friends is a kind of ritual that we look forward to. Our food has to be yummy, spicy and loaded with a good punch of various kinds of masalas.

Although this type of cuisine brings immense joy and satisfy our taste buds, most of the times they leave us feeling uncomfortable. Hours after you have had that plate of Schezwan noodles, you feel giddy and gassy, sometimes accompanied with heartburn and an unsettled stomach. Not only this, but masaledar dishes tend to make you more thirsty, no matter how much water you drink.

KashmiraJeera Masala Soda from Hajoori Beverages is a very efficient digestive drink that helps to settle stomach problems and quench the thirst, especially after consuming flavoursome dishes.

Finely chose ingredients in Kashmira reduces heartburn when consumed after a heavy meal. Being a digestive drink, it helps to ease bloating and other digestive problems that most people face on a daily basis. Besides this, it also helps to reduce the feeling of heaviness after meals, especially those consumed during late hours at night.

KashmiraJeera Masala Soda has a combination of many spices that curb away problems related to indigestion. It also keeps you hydrated and gives you a soothing feeling each time you have it. Its traditional spicy flavour is loved by one and all and makes it a tasty funda to digest heavy food.

Acidity and an upset stomach bring with it a lot of problems. And it is not only the food that is alone to be blamed. Considering our hectic lifestyle and haphazard food habits, an acidity attack can knock us down any time.

Erratic working hours, late night parties, eating randomly during travelling or working on tedious deadlines- all this can strike acidity at any point of time, making you vulnerable to heartburn, unsettled stomach and many other uncomfortable feelings.

The wide range of oily, spicy heavy food consumed in Indian homes is also one of the factors that lead to acidic symptoms, an upset stomach and problems related to indigestion.

To keep acidity at bay and make you feel at ease even after eating a wholesome, include Kashmira Jeera Masala Soda as part of your daily ritual and the next time you sit down for a meal, make sure you have that little bottle to keep you refreshed and hydrated.