Water, water, water – everywhere! With the onset of monsoon, one can’t think of anything but the rains. And while it’s beautiful to see tiny little drops hitting the window panes and nothing feels more delightful than sharing a cup of cutting chai and pakodas with friends; there comes an altogether baggage of monsoon related health problems.

Apart from the normal cold, fever and allergic reactions, a lot of bacteria and viruses thrive during this season and use the human body as natural hosts to survive. The viruses, usually found in stored water, contaminated rain water that gets filled in water bodies and puddles, transfer to human bodies mainly due to consumption.

Despite the fact that it’s one of the best seasons to enjoy, the onset of monsoon gives rise to a lot of ailments, especially water-borne diseases. Our immune system is quite vulnerable during this season and the only way to safeguard is to be extra cautious about what we eat and what we drink. Something as simple as drinking pure water from a packaged drinking water manufacturer in India can make a whole lot of difference since it is during monsoon that most ailments occur due to infected water.

So how do we ensure safety and purity during monsoon and keep ourselves fit and fine?

Sip, sip and sip more: One of the most common misconceptions that people have during monsoon is that unlike the summer season, our body does not need a lot of water. But that is not even close to the truth! The fact is your body does not know that it is monsoon and it needs adequate amount of water to function. So hydrating yourself is the key at any point in time. You would not want to think that because the climate is cool enough, less water will do. Remember not drinking enough water will also lead to health problems. During monsoon, if you are out on the streets or traveling, opt for S’eau drinking water.

Prefer packaged drinking water: Tap water, drinking water from random sources like restaurants etc. can lead to water-borne diseases because of hygiene issues. So no matter how much you are tempted or thirsty, always lay your hands on a packaged bottle – S’eau Mineral Water can be kept handy as the safest option. During monsoon, when infections travel through water, it is advisable to prefer bottled mineral water from a packaged drinking water manufacturer in India, since it is a chemical free and a very safe option.

Quality and purity is a must: No matter what the season is, drinking pure, quality water should be your thumb rule. Inspired from the goodness of nature and ensuring total purity and quality, S’eau Mineral Water from the house of Hajoori is an ideal option. Avail S’eau drinking water bottle online at: //www.bigbasket.com/pd/40165223/seau-packaged-drinking-water-250-ml/ and look forward to a healthy monsoon.