When was the last time, you sipped something and surprisingly, not only got fond of it but literally fell in love with that drink? Can’t recall? Well, it’s not your fault! Maybe until now you never had a chance to taste this unique fruity flavoured drink called SOSYO.

Just like the long-dated antiquity of our country, the SOSYO history also dates back to several years. When the Swadeshi movement was at its peak and as more and more Indians vowed to consume only deshi products, SOSYO made its way as one of the first ever fizzy drink in 1923.

Saying so, the genesis of SOSYO is as unique and outstanding as India’s rich culture and heritage. And over the years, even though the drink and its popularity spread far and wide, Indians find a deep-rooted connection with SOSYO. For us, drinking SOSYO is about remembering the good old Indian days, our country’s prideful legacy and traditions.

When there’s a drink that’s so much Swadeshi, why lay hands on something else? Why not stick to apna desh, apna drink?

When we say SOSYO is different, we mean it. That’s because our drink tastes unlike any other! If you are one of those who like to stand out from the herd and would like to try a drink with twist, then SOSYO is for the hero within you.

While you may find fizzy drinks in the market loaded with caffeine, edible chemicals and a generous amount of sugar, SOSYO is absolutely distinct. Over the years, we have retained a distinctive taste – cider based fruit juice drink made from apples and grapes that make SOSYO clearly stand out.

To boil it down, SOSYO is not just another drink. It’s a drink that has been appreciated and looked on with favour by people since eons. With a spirit that’s so truly swadeshi and a drink that’s so obviously unique, wouldn’t you agree with us when we say, it’s different, it’s SOSYO.